Executive MBA

Our list of the top 10 executive MBA programs is based on a poll of experts fromBusiness School Admission, MBA Admission, and AdmissionsConsultants®. We also consulted with graduates of and current students in all of these EMBA programs, to see if their experiences supported the experts’ assessments. In all cases, they did.

We must emphasize, however, that our top executive MBA rankings are, like all other rankings, fairly subjective. There are certainly many readers who would disagree with the rankings given below. We welcome your constructive criticisms and comments, but politely request that you refrain from “flaming” us should your favorite program be ranked slightly lower than where you believe it should be.

The criteria we used to rate EMBA programs emphasized recruiter perspectives, the qualifications of the incoming EMBA students, the professional achievements of the EMBA graduates, and the curriculum ideologies of the various executive MBA programs. These are criteria that can also be useful to you in choosing the executive MBA program that is right for you – whether it appears on our top 10 list or not.

Another issue to keep in mind as you consider executive MBA programs is that EMBA students are generally older than their full-time business school student counterparts, and bring significantly more work experience to the classroom. This makes for a significant difference between EMBA and MBA programs. To use an admittedly much overused analogy, the EMBA program focuses more on the 50,000 foot view, while the full-time MBA program maintains a focus a little bit closer to 10,000 feet.

Finally, we realize that we have only one non-U.S. executive MBA program ranked in our top ten. We have asked ourselves whether we were being perhaps a bit ethnocentric in doing so. However, we do believe that the American business education system is still ahead of those of Europe, Asia, and Canada – although we also appreciate that universities in these regions and countries are making significant progress toward eliminating that gap. We fully expect that, before too long, our top 10 EMBA list will include more programs based outside the United States.